About us

For a long time, Compressed Air is one of the most widely used forms of Energy in the Industry, globally. Its biggest advantage being that it is a 100% renewable source of energy. However its main drawback (while using the conventional GI pipes) was that almost one third of the total compressed air generated, got wasted on account of leakages and pressure Drop. Lacs of rupees literally flowing out in thin air. Shift Air Modular Aluminium Piping System, launched in the year 2006, has been providing solutions to eliminate/minimize the wastage of compressed Air through use of Shift Air Aluminium Pipes and Shift Air Fittings. The wastage of compressed Air in conventional G I Piping System is mainly an account of corrosion of Pipes and use of Threaded joints to join pipes and fittings. Shift Air provides the optimum solutions to these problems.

Shift Air Pipes are made of Aluminium (high strength construction grade Alloy 6063) with another very important feature that is has a very superior surface finish resulting in almost no corrosion and greatly reduced friction to the flow of Compressed Air. The outer Surface of these Pipes are again powder Coated to provide them protection from corrosive environment and also for easy Identification of the Air Line. Shift Air Fittings, made of high strength Industrial Polymers, have a smart very Rigid Clamping System which totally eliminates the use of threaded joints.

Huge Savings in Cost

  • No Corrosion.
  • Minimum pressure drop & leakages.
  • Optimum Compressed Air utilization.

Modular Design

  • Highly Flexible & Quick Installation.
  • Very Strong & Smart Clamping.
  • No Wastage 100% Reusable on Shifting.
  • Superior Aesthetic Appearance.